18th Century Living History

About Us

John Lambtons 68th Regiment of Foot is part of the Old 68th Society. We are a small U.K based living history group formed in 2008 with HLF funding to mark the founding of the of the Durham Regiment, later the Durham Light Infantry, in 1758. Our aim is to accurately depict life for both soldiers and civilians during the Seven Years War through a period of 1758-1763.

Our main military impression is that of a centre or hat company of John Lambtons Regiment. We also actively organise and encourage civilian centered events. The 18th century soldier did not exist in a vacuum and our aim to give a more general impression of 18th century life.

We are a progressive unit, and strive to attain the highest levels of historical accuracy not only in clothing and equipment but also in attitude and interpretation. For more information feel free to email us at: john.lambtons@gmail.com

  1. I have added your link to my blog list, & I have posted on your group. I will check further as there is no country noted on this page.
    Good work.
    Regards, Le Loup.

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