18th Century Living History

John Lambtons Regiment of Foot

A private from Lambtons in full marching order

List of basic equipment for new members to purchase:

Items are listed in order of importance; this list is intended for use as a checklist:

No.1 Shirt – Should be plain linen with hand stitched button holes.

Tailor Made Shirts Available from SJ:


Alternatively, buy a shirt from Jas Townsend and stitch around the button holes.


No.2 Stockings x 2– Thick wool or cotton preferably off-white:



No.3 Neck Stock – 1 x Plain white linen neck stock, closed with bone buttons. 1 x Black horsehair or linen stock with brass stock clasp or bone buttons (horsehair preferred).



Alternatively order one from Jas Townsend along with two bone buttons and sew the buttons and button holes yourself.


No. 4 – Plain White Woollen Blanket & Leather Carrying Strap – A plain white woollen blanket, should be stencilled with G/|\R Mark.

Any Army & Navy Store

Any Sutler; Belt should be plain black with brass buckle

No. 5 Haversack – Osnaburg Linen Haversack with leather strap and brass buckle. Marked with regimental number.

Adam Walsh

NB: You will also need eating utensils for instance a soldiers knife, spoon, fork, tin mug and tin plate. These can all be purchased from Jas Townsend.

No. 6 Canteen – Tin Canteen, the cotton strap will need to be replaced with a hemp rope one.


No. 7 Garters – For holding up your Gaiters.


No. 8 Gaiters – One pair of white Gaiters & One pair of Brown Gaiters. White gaiters should be bought first as they were worn on home service. Active service brown gaiters can be bought later.


No. 9 Shoes – Square toed army issue shoes, from any supplier. You get what you pay for, cheaper shoes available from the first link. More expensive better made from the second and third links.




No. 10 Hat – A Military Issue Cocked Hat, fur felt with white trim, black cockade and pewter button


No. 11 Set of Belts – Full set of belts with cartridge box.


Mike Redgate

No. 12 Bayonet Scabbard – French and Indian War Style Scabbard



No. 13 1751 Pattern Infantry Hanger




No. 14 Knapsack – French and Indian Wars period knapsack.

JD Accoutrements (Ask for details)

Mike Redgate


Other Items for your knapsack:

1 spare plain linen shirt, 1 spare checked linen work shirt, spare pair of shoes, Authentic Musket/Kit Cleaning Kit including worm, brick dust, emery cloth, brick dust, oil bottle, musket tool and brush and pricker, 3 x Brushes, black ball, wash kit including 2 combs, cards, off duty cap, sewing kit, tinder box, clay pipe, wool mittens etc.

Advice is available on where to purchase these items, please ask before you buy!

No. 15 Long Land Brown Bess Musket & Bayonet – Ask for a bayonet to fit the musket you buy but not a scabbard. Generally bayonets come with a later pattern scabbard. Short Land Brown Bess acceptable.


No. 16 Redcoat & Small Clothes – Once you have acquired all the items above, you will then be able to purchase your redcoat and small clothes. These items will be made using a unit owned supply of material. You will only pay for the construction cost.

No. 17 Grenadiers Mitre & Match Case – Our long term aim is also to portray a full grenadier coy platoon as well as hat men. As such you should also aim to acquire a Grenadiers Mitre & Match Case when convenient.




You will be expected to carry your own rations for a weekend period in your haversack; these will then be cooked in a unit mess as per the period. Food will be seasonably and theatre appropriate and a list will be circulated before each event. Food will be stored as accurately as possible in either cloth, small cloth bags or brown paper.

Equally all drink needs to be in period containers, this includes any alcohol which can be carried in period bottles. You can usually pick up stoneware bottles at antique shops for a couple of pound.

As part of the mess you may also be required to carry some general items of mess equipment such as the tin camp kettle, bill hook etc.


If you require any advice at any time please ask me walsh_adam@hotmail.com


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