18th Century Living History

The Dress of the People – Male Civilians

From time to time we do civilian based events where our primary impression warrants a civilian set of kit. After you have aquired your military kit, we strongly encourage you to aquire male civilian kit.

Mid 18th Century Male Attire for the Lower Classes

Our aim is to recreate the average male of the labouring classes in the mid-18th century. Thus the basic outfit consists of the following:

Breeches or Trousers- Fall front or fly front were used in the mid-18th century. Trousers are acceptable in small numbers, all should be made from linen or.

Shirts- Linen Shirt, off white work or check work shirt preferred

Jacket or Coat- Any type of mid-18th century type is acceptable. These include frock coat, sleeved waistcoat or short jacket. Production material should be either wool or linen. You may be able to borrow a jacket; if you want to make your own we suggest the 1750’s-1770’s sleeved waistcoat pattern by J.P Ryan (http://www.neheleniapatterns.com/english/englishsite.html).

Waistcoat- Men of every social group generally wore a waistcoat. This should be to a longer 1750’s pattern. Production material should be wool or linen.

Hat- There are many of styles of hat; the more variation the better. Most common are simple round felt hats; tricorn hats are also common. Linen and wool caps such as the Monmouth were also in use into the mid 18th century.

Stockings & Garters- Knee length stockings in wool necessary when wearing knee length breeches. Ribbon or leather garters.

 Shoes- period-style leather shoes with buckles or 2 whole lace up, black or brown.


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