18th Century Living History

Events 2014

We aim to do between three and four events during the course of the year, generally starting with a drill session.

Confirmed Events for 2014 season;

Rufford Historical Baazar – 25th/26th April 2014

Coming out of Winter Quarters in the Field 

The first event of the year , sees us return to Rufford Abbey. The Multi-period bazaar.

Ulster American Folk Park4th July 2014

Representing a section of Light Infantry during the American War of Independence.

We are taking part in the Ulster Folk Park celebration of the 4th July. At the invite of the Minstrel Boys.

Avoncroft – 5th May

Jacobite rebellion event.

We’ll be fighting for King George II against the Jacobites, at the invite of Lace Wars.

Ryedale Folk Museum – 12th/13th May 2012

Aiding the Civil Power

During the Spring of 1761, the 68th were involved in various action supporting the civil power. Detachment of the regiment were sent in to County Durham from the regiment headquarters based at Tynemouth. 

We will be represent a detachment of the regiment aiding the civil power during unrest during 1761 at Ryedale Folk Museum. This is a home service event.

Wentworth Castle23rd/24th June

1745 Jacobite Rebellion

We have been invited by Lace Wars to take part in a Jacobite Rebellion event at Wentworth Castle near Barnsley. Although the 68th were formed in 1758, a regiment numbered as the 68th foot raised during the rebellion by John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford. This will be a campaign event.

Quebec House & Squerrys Court –  8th/9th September 

Recruiting for King George, September 1759

September 1759, the 68th was marching from Southampton by flying camp to it’s Winter Quarters at Rochester. The unknown soldier of the 68th’s journal notes that the flying march to Rochester was harder than anything they had endured during the campaign in France. 

We have been invited by National Trust to take part in a small event at Quebec House during Heritage Open Weekend. As noted above the 68th were on route through Kent during the September of 1759 and were weak indeed. As such we will take this as an opportunity to seek new recruits. Although a home service event, we are returning from active service and will dress as such.

Murton Park 20th/21st October 2012.

Going into Winter Quarters

October 1758, the 68th went into winter quarters at Rocheter. It would remain here until April 1759 when it would be sent to Island of Jersey for a year to replace Boscowens Regiment of Foot as the garrison. 

We will be using the brick farm house at Murton Park to represent a tavern in Rochester, as well as representing winter quarters this will give us an opportunity to go through drill, clean and repair any kit. This is a home service event.


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